Trans World Airlines  Lockheed L-1649  N7301C    (c/n  1002)


                                  The ultimate variation on the Lockheed Constellation theme was the L-1649A Starliner, first flown
                                  in 1957.  This aircraft had completely redesigned squared off wings, shown off to good effect in the
                                  banking shot, below.   It was powered by four mighty Wright 988TC-18DA-3 engines developing
                                  some 3,400 hp each.  The image above was taken on a proving flight over Southern California before
                                  the name "Star of Wyoming"  had been applied.    The Starliners entered service right on the threshold
                                  of the jets usurping the piston engined machines realm and hence their careers with TWA were quite
                                  short.   Some were only operated for four or five years as passenger aircraft and then converted to
                                  freighters when Boeing 707s began to be delivered.   TWA was unique among the trunk carriers in
                                  that it never operated prop-jets.