TWA (Trans World Airline)  Douglas DC-4  NC45346       (c/n   27350)


                                     TWA used its DC-4s primarily on the North African route from New York to Cairo.  As explained
                                     under the entry for the post war DC-3, the airline was known as the "Trans World Airline" until
                                     1950, when the corporate name was changed from Transcontinental & Western Air to Trans World
                                     Airlines.  The images on this page are circa 1947 and show the DC-4 in the livery of that day.  The
                                     smart looking crew members seen above would all be in their late 70s or 80s by now.  However, if
                                     anyone recognizes themselves and would like an enlargement of this print, I would be happy to send
                                     it to them.   "The Acropolis" was built as a C-54E-15-DO for the USAAF (serial 44-9126) and was,
                                     in fact, the second conversion from C-54 to DC-4 status performed by Douglas at Santa Monica in
                                     1945.   A color shot of it appears at the foot of the page.   It flew with non-sked carrier US Overeas
                                      Airlines in the 1950s, was repossessed in the 1960s and was finally broken up at Wildwood, New
                                      Jersey in 1977.   The aircraft below is still wearing an experimental registration (for conversion from
                                      military to civil standard testing purposes).  It was later named  "The Taj Mahal". It led a very varied
                                      career after leaving TWA in 1957, going first to Jordan International Airlines as JY-ABD.

                                     Douglas DC-4  NX45341                (c/n  27318) 


                                     Douglas DC-4  N45346                       (c/n  27350)