TWA (Trans World Airlines)  Douglas C-47  N51167                    (c/n  7384)


                                  Immediately after WW II, TWA acquired a dozen or so C-47s to use as freighters
                               .  Although not of the genre of latter day 'windowless wonders', N511567 had four
                                  of its passenger windows blocked off.    Some of these C-47s were in operation for
                                  almost a decade, but by the end of the 1950s they were all sold off.     N51167 had
                                  an unusual accident.  On 12 July 1955 it collided with a Cessna 140A at Kansas City
                                  Downtown Municipal Airport.  The Cessna was written off, but N51167 lived to fly
                                  again and was sold in 1957 to Faucett Peru as OB-PBF-473, later OB-R-473.