Transcontinental & Western Air   Douglas DC-2-112  NC13784       (c/n    1294)


                                     In the mid to late 1930s TWA's aircraft bore the cabin titling "The Lindbergh Line", although Charles
                                     Lindbergh was no more, in fact, than an advisor to the airline.     Here is a DC-2 thus emblazoned.
                                     Photo via the William T. Larkins collection      This aircraft was delivered in February 1935.  It was
                                     sold to Northeast Airlines in 1942, who used for three months and it then became a C-32A with the
                                     USAAF and given the serial 42-65579.   At the end of WW II it was acquired by TACA de Costa
                                     Rica but probably was parted out for spares.