Trans World Airlines  Convair 880           N815TW         (c/n  22-00-20)


                                     In 1955 Howard Hughes, in his capacity as leader of TWA, placed an initial order with Convair
                                     of San Diego for  a fleet of 880s for the airline.  The aircraft was claimed to be faster than both
                                     the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8, and several airlines ordered them. In the event, due to a legal
                                     hassle with Hughes and his Hughes Tool Company, in whose name TWA's aircraft were registered,
                                     TWA did not commence services with the CV-880 until early in 1961.  N815TW seen above was
                                     actually leased to Northeast Airlines from 1960 to 1963 pending the outcome of the legal battle
                                     with Howard Hughes.   Despite this, TWA did fly the 880 (I always liked them - they were far
                                     more luxuriously appointed than 707s or DC-8s) until 1974 when most of the fleet of 30 of them
                                     were scrapped.