Trans World Airlines     Boeing 707-331    N771TW   (c/n  17688)

                                      This was the aircraft with which TWA inaugurated international jet services on 23 November
                                      1959.  The series -300 was the so-called Boeing 707 International.  By then the airline had
                                      acquired access to London, and the first jet flight was from New York to Frankfurt, via London.
                                      However, this jet service was a full year after rival Pan American's, and it took TWA several
                                      years to regain the competitive advantage lost by waiting for the larger aircraft.  The above shot
                                      was taken by Bob Garrard  in February of 1967 at Port Columbus International Airport, Ohio.
                                      One wonders just what an International 707 was doing at this domestic airport, even in the mid