Texas International Airlines  Convair 600  N94264     (c/n   137)


                                    When Trans Texas Airways secured routes from Houston into Mexico (notably Monterey) in 1969
                                    it changed its name to the grander sounding Texas International Airlines.  All the existing fleet were
                                    then repainted in the rather more attractive livery than the earlier TTA schemes.  Seen above in this
                                    nice shot by Bob Garrard is a Rolls-Royce powered Convair 600 at Dallas in July 1970.  In the mid
                                    1970s the airline revised its livery yet again to the real Texas-style red, white and blue as seen below.
                                    This image is from the extensive files of  Ellis M. Chernoff, and was taken at the Cavern City Air
                                    Terminal at Carlsbad, N.M.  in December of 1976. 

                                     Convair 600  N94253    (c/n    114)