Suburban Airlines  Fokker F.27-500 Friendship   N27SA          (c/n  10643)                


                               In 1984 Art Horst, President of Suburban Airlines, ordered a new 50-seat Fokker F-27 from the
                               manufacturers in Holland.    Service with the new craft commenced on May 1 of that year. Bob
                               Garrard caught it at Reading Regional on a cold, but bright day in February 1985.    This single
                               machine was soon augmented with the lease of two others.  The Friendship remained the flagship
                              of the Suburban line until, in 1986 the airline was completely integrated with USAir.  By 1989 the
                               corporate identity was had been changed to Allegheny Commuter Airlines and the Suburban name
                              disappeared from the US airline map.