Star Airlines  Pilgrim 100-B  NC709Y     (c/n  6605)


                                              Star Air Service had emerged from some amalgamations of the early 1930s into Star Airlines,
                                              Inc.,  incorporated on 27 November 1937.  Clearly, for the type of terrain over which it was
                                              operating, it required "bush" type aircraft.  One such was the Pilgrim seen above in this image
                                              reproduced here courtesy of the archives of the Museum of Alaska Transportation (via Lars
                                              Opland).   The shot of NC709Y below, also from the same source, gives some indication of
                                              the livery of Star Airlines aircraft.  The bright orange was adopted since this coloration stands
                                              out well against the snowy backdrop normally encountered.  (Note ancient Bellanca CH-300
                                              Pacemaker in background).    Anyway, NC709Y first saw service with American Airways in
                                              1931 as a model 100-A.  It was converted to 100-B configuration in 1934.   The main differ-
                                              ence between the 100-A and the -B was the engine, the former being powered by a 575 hp
                                              Pratt & Whitney Hornet,  whilst the 100-B had a Wright Cyclone R-1820-E of similar horse
                                              power.   NC709Y is currently being restored for the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum of