Southern Airways Douglas DC-3  N18573                 (c/n   7318)


                                                 Southern Airways commenced operations on 10 June 1949 with intermediate stop routes from
                                                 Atlanta to Memphis, Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, Florida.    The fleet was
                                                 expanded over the years from the two original DC-3s to more than 30 of them at one time or
                                                 another.  The two shots in this entry are both from the Leo J. Kohn collection and depict (lowerr)
                                                 the original 1949 livery and (above) the more commonly seen markings adopted in the early 1950s.
                                                 Both aircraft were a former C-53-DOs and both were later re-registered, in accordance with all
                                                 of Southern's fleet, N18573 becoming N68SA, and N73726 (a former Continental Airlines aircraft)
                                                 was N70SA.  .

                                                Douglas DC-3   N73726                               (c/n  4894)