Scenic Airways  Boeing 40-C                      NC841M                 (c/n 1167)


The only Boeing 40 operated by National Parks Airways was sold to Scenic Airways in January
                                        1935 to replace their Fokker Universal which was overturned in a windstorm at the Pocatello
                                        Airport on 4 January 1935.   The above shot (unfortunately with the registration and titling not
                                        visible) was provided by Craig Neumayer.     F.H. (Chris) Christensen flew the Boeing for the
                                        winter of 1935 and then, Craig advises, based on his log book entries, stopped flying the plane
                                        after April 1st when  he had a landing accident with a broken ski in Ashton, ID.    His daughter
                                        and another woman were his passengers on that day and both were uninjured although the aircraft
                                        was hauled away on a truck and never seen again.