Republic Airlines  McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31    N922RW        (c/n  47182)


                                        On 1 October 1980, Republic Airlines acquired Hughes Airwest.  The purchase added 53 cities
                                        to the Republic network, mainly in the west and soutwewst of the U.S.    This made the carrier
                                        one of the largest in the U.S. serving some 200 cities across the map.   N922RW is seen at Palm
                                        Springs in January of 1981 soon after the take over in this shot by Ellis M. Chernoff.  The interim
                                        markings included removing the Hughes Airwest titling with a broad blue band.   Interestingly, it
                                        has the fleet number 955 on the nose and 922 on the nose wheel door.  (The latter number was
                                        the old Hughes Airwest fleet number). Maybe they didn't have any yellow paint at Republic's
                                        headquarters.   Eventually, all the fleet would acquire a new livery, as seen in the Bob Garrard's
                                        shot below of  N958N departing Miami International in december 1985..  However, I suspect
                                        that N922RW was first painted in the pseudo NCA turquoise "Herman" scheme before attaining
                                        the "new look" devised in the mid-1980s.

                                      McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31  N958N       (c/n  47254)