Reeve Aleutian Airways  Sikorsky S-43  N53294    (c/n 4342(


                                        In the 1940s Bob Reeve concentrated on providing air service from Anchorage to the Aleutian
                                        Island chain and in 1948 the airline name was changed to Reeve Aleutian Airways.   This S-43
                                        was used from 1950 until 1958 when it was sold to Avalon Air Transport.  It was actually an
                                        ex-US Navy Sikorsky JRS-1.  The above illustration, published in the Journal of the American
                                        Aviation Society  is from the Dusty Carter collection and shows the machine at Long Beach after
                                        it had been sold by Reeve Aleutian.   The shot of it below was copied (by Lars Opland) from the
                                        walls of the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum walls.   The airline also owned another S-43,