Reeve Aleutian Airways  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G   N75142     (c/n   9173)


                                  Reeve Aleutian Airways was never a large user of any given type.  It wasn't that big an airline.
                                  In fact, the DC-3, with seven examples operated, was about the most numerous. The above shot
                                  was taken by Peter de Groot at Anchorage in 1972 and shows one wearing the then current livery
                                  of the 1970s.  These aircraft carried different markings from the mid 1940s to the 60s but I am unable
                                   to come up with images displaying such livery schemes.  N75142, an ex C-47A-1-DL (42-23311)
                                  was acquired in 1965 from Northern Consolidated Airlines.   It was destroyed in a crash on 9 Dec
                                  1996, whilst operating with Emery Worldwide/Desert Air Transport when an engine failed on take
                                   off from Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho.