Reeve Aleutian Airways  Boeing 727-022C      N831RV             (c/n  19093)


                                    In 1983 Reeve Aleutian acquired two "Quick Change" (passenger to cargo easy conversion) 727s
                                    from Wien Air Alaska.  These had originally been built for United Airlines.  N831RV above was
                                    formerly N7405U, and N498WC with Wien.  The aircraft name, "RCR"  (the initials of the founder,
                                    Robert C. Reeve) was carried in small italic on the nose. The airline commenced flights to the Russian
                                    Far East in the late 1990s, augmenting its hitherto Alaskan only routes (mainly from Anchorage down
                                    the Aleutian Chain).  However load factors were still below the level necessary to sustain operations
                                    and high fuel prices, plus the cost of maintaining an aged fleet forced the company to file Chapter 11
                                    of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in 2000. Charter operations continued for a while but the airline has now
                                    disappeared. The photograph above was taken by Andy Martin of AirTeamImages at Ted Stevens Inter-
                                    national Airport, Anchorage in July of 1992, and shows the aircraft in the last livery used by the airline.