Reeve Airways Fairchild FC-2W2  NC7034                       (c/n 136)


                                        Bob Reeve used this Fairchild to reconnoiter a cargo run from Fairbanks to the battle front on
                                        the Aleutian Islands while under contract to Morrison-Knudson.  This photo of Bob above is
                                        from the Lars Opland collection and would have been taken whilst on that trip.  NC7034 was
                                        the former "Miss Vico", purchased new by the Utah Oil Refining Company in 1928.  It survives
                                        and awaits awaits restoration at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage, Alaska.
                                        The rough shot below of the same machine is from the Ted Spencer collection (via Lars Opland
                                         - Note Noordyn UC-64 Norseman in background).