Reeve Airways   Fairchild 71    NC119H    (c/n   657)


                                            By the time Bob Reeve purchased this old Fairchild it had done the rounds with various Alaskan
                                            carriers.  First with Pacific Alaska Airways, then with Marine Airways.  Upon acquiring it from the
                                            latter he merely changed the "Marine" with "Reeve" and "Juneau" with "Valdez". Saved paint. This
                                            photograph was taken at Northway Field whilst Bob Reeve was flying cargo under contract to the
                                            Morrison-Knudsen construction company in 1941.  It is understood that although NC119H was
                                            reported as "dismantled and salvaged" in 1965 the bits and pieces of it still exist.   Reeve Airways
                                            was incorporated as an Alaskan company on 24 March 1947, although, of course, had been flying
                                            as a "dba" long before that. Reeve Airways later went on the serve the Aleutian chain with an island-
                                            hopping run from Anchorage to Attu.