Ransome Airlines    Volpar Turboliner (Beech H18)   N340V               (c/n BA-655)


                               Ransome Airlines was a commuter line founded in 1967 by Dawson Ransome. It commenced
                               scheduled services with Beech 18s and also a modest fleet of Volpar-converted Twin Beech
                               machines powered by two Garrett AiResearch TPE 331-47 turboprop engines.   In 1970
                               Ransome formed a code-sharing partnership with Allegheny Airlines (which became US Air
                               in 1979) and operated  under the name of Allegheny Commuter.   Although Ransome's relation-
                               ship with Allegheny/US Air ended in 1982 (they then became a Delta Connection carrier), the
                               agreement to feed the larger airline was one of the earliest examples of  what was to become
                               a far-reaching airline marketing concept, and one which has benefitted the smaller commuter
                               carriers ever since..    Seen above in this rare shot by Steve Williams is of one of Ransome's
                               Volpar-converted Beechs at Philadephia International Airport in September 1970.