Provincetown-Boston Airline    Douglas DC-3   N32PB                         (c/n  4827)


                                      By the early 1960s PBA had set up its operating structure as the "Northern System" (Boston to
                                      Cape Cod and the off-shore islands) and the "Southern System" (Naples to Miami, Ft. Myers,
                                      etc.).  A fleet of DC-3s was acquired to replace the ancient Electras and these flew in both div-
                                      isions.    PBA was one of the last scheduled carriers to use this trusty old workhorse and they
                                      owned a dozen of them at one time or another.   In 1975 alone there were ten DC-3s working
                                      both northern and southern divisions.  N32PB, seen above at Miami International Airport (MIA)
                                      in February 1974 in this shot by Bob Garrard, was built for the USAAF as C-53B-DO 41-20057.
                                      After the war it was civilianized as NC34051 for Mid-Continent Airlines.  It had had several other
                                      identities before PBA purchased it in 1968.