Powelson Air Service    Stinson SR-5A    NC14587          (c/n  9324-A)


                                        Powelson Air Service (known as the 'Powelson Line') commenced business in October 1938
                                        using the Stinson Reliant seen above on a route from San Juan to Ponce, Puerto Rico's second
                                        largest city.    The rare photo above is from the William W. Sierra collection.  Billy indicates that
                                        he thinks the individual on the extreme right is Powelson.  Billy's father, Jose M.Sierra was to be-
                                        come Chief Pilot and Operations Manager for Caribbean-Atalantic Airlines which took over the
                                        operation of Powelson Air Service in June 1939.       By the way, the Aeronca K on the left was
                                        NC19321 if anyone is that curious!