Pitcairn Aviation  Pitcairn PA-5 Mailwing  (NC)1515                 (c/n   2)


                                     In 1926 the U.S. government called for competitive bids for contracts to transport mail by air between
                                     New York and Atlanta.  Harold F. Pitcairn, already in the aircraft manufacturing business filed a bid to
                                     carry the mail for $3.00 per lb.  Although he was awarded the initial contract he did not, at that time,
                                     have a satisfactory aircraft with which to carry the mails.  In 1927 therefore, he designed and produced
                                     the PA-5.  Seen above and below are the number 2 and number 1 aircraft respectively.  As will be seen,
                                     this fledgling service was to become the once mighty Eastern Air Lines.     After picking up the route
                                     from Atlanta to Miami which had been awarded to Florida Airways, Pitcairn found himself in possess-
                                     ion of an air mail route covering the whole of the eastern seaboard.   Despite the success of the operation
                                     (93% of the schedules kept within the first two years) Pitcairn elected to concentrate his efforts on aircraft
                                     production and sold his airline to North American Aviation for $2,500,000 (a not inconsequential sum
                                     before the stock crash of 1929).  At the time the airline was operating air mail routes CAN 19 and CAM
                                     35 and had some 44 aircraft, including 3 Tri-motors.  

                                      Pitcairn Aviation  Pitcairn PA-  5  NC(2895)                                    (c/n  1)