Piedmont Airlines  Fokker F-28-1000 Fellowship   N298N          (c/n  11103)


                                            In 1984 Piedmont order twenty Dutch Fokker F-28 Fellowships as follow ons to their FH-227
                                            turboprops, and to be used on their short haulroutes. Originally Fokker wanted Fairchild to build
                                            them in the U.S. in the same manner as the F-27 Friendship had been.  In which case the desig-
                                            nation would have been FH-228 (Fairchild-Hiller).  However, market research indicated that not
                                            enough aircraft would be sold and hence the agreement never came to fruition and all 241 were
                                            built in Holland.   Somewhat unique among airliners were the speed brakes fitted at the tail, almost
                                            like a F8U Crusader.  These are clearly seen deployed in this shot taken by Bob Garrard of N298N
                                            on short finals into Baltimore-Washington International Airport in February  of 1985.    This feature
                                            allowed the F-28 to get into relatively short fields.