Piedmont Airlines Boeing 737-201   N738N    (c/n    19422)


                                             Although Piedmont's first jets were a couple of Boeing 727s, these were merely "lent" by Boeing
                                             pending the delivery of its jetliner of choice, the 737.  This aircraft had had some initial teething
                                             problems and hence the first one wasn't delivered to Piedmont until May of 1968.  This nice
                                             shot of N738N by Bob Garrard shows an original series 200 banking to line up with the runway
                                             at Washington National Airport in May of 1984.    The 737 went on to become the "standard"
                                             aircraft for Piedmont for the 1970s and 1980s, some 120 of the series 200s being operated by
                                             the airline at one time or another.