Pennsylvania Airlines  Stinson SM-6000-B  NC10823     (c/n  5039)


                                  In November 1930, Clifford Ball was bought out by Pittsburgh Aviation Industries Corporation,
                                  who immediately renamed his little airline Pennsylvania Airlines.  Ball stayed on as vice-president.
                                  P.A.I.C. had played a part, albeit a small one, in the forced marriage of TAT and WAE.  As a re-
                                  ward for its co-operation (complicity?) in this formation of TWA, Ball's original CAM 11 was per-
                                  mitted an extension to Washington D.C.   Several (2 or 3) Stinson Model Ts (as the SM-6000 was
                                  commonly known) were acquired, one of which is seen above.   Note Keystone logo.