Pan American-Grace Airways Douglas DC-4  NC88904          (c/n  18391)


                                              A less than illustrious shot of a Panagra DC-4 (but the only one I have) which shows the airline
                                              now sporting a yellow fuselage cheat line outlined in green, to match the wing stripes.  The above
                                              machine was an ex USAAF C-54B-15-DO (43-17191), converted by Douglas in 1946 to DC-4
                                              standard and  sold to Pan American World Airways.  It was "seconded" to its cousin, Panagra, in
                                              1948.   It is seen here at their maintenance base in Miami, circa 1949.  It wound up with another
                                              Pan American subsidiary, AVIANCA of Columbia in 1959 becoming HK-654.  It was later sold
                                              to Aerotal Columbia and damaged beyond repair after the nosegear collapsed at Arauca, Columbia
                                              in 1975.