Pan American-Grace Airways Douglas DC-2-118A    NC14298          (c/n 1370)


                                      A less than illustrious image received from the airline in 1952 of the last DC-2 acquired.  Like much
                                      of the Panagra fleet it was originally delivered  to Pan American World Airways in 1936. Panagra
                                      named it 'Santa Elena', and gave it the trade-mark yellow stripes on the wings.  These were designed
                                      to make spotting the aircraft easier were they to come down in the rugged Andean terrain over which
                                      most of their route mileage was flown.  Both Pan American and Pan American-Grace were among the
                                      first of the DC-2 operators, putting them into service in 1934.  They flew with Panagra from Cristobal
                                      in the Canal Zone all the way to Montevideo in Uruguay.    They were relieved by DC-3s commencing
                                      in 1937.  NC14298 was lost in an accident at San Luis, Argentina, in 1937.