Pan American Airways  Sikorsky S-40  NC752V          (c/n  2002)


                                            In 1931 Pan American placed into operation three Sikorsky S-40s, the first of a long line of
                                            four engined flying boats.  This machine was the largest civil airliner in the world at that time,
                                            having twice the passenger capacity of the Consolidated Commodores.  Basically a four engined
                                            S-38, the S-40 weighed in at some 34,000 lb, and carried a load of 40 passengers.   The S-40
                                            was also the first of Pan American's airliners to officially bear the name "Clipper".   They operated
                                            exclusively in the Caribbean area, on Miami to Panama services.   Two of the three are shown in
                                            this entry.   NC752V (above) was named  'Southern Clipper'.   Below is seen a close up of the
                                            forward fuselage of N81V (c/n 2001) 'Caribbean Clipper', while at the foot of the page is an
                                            image received from Chris Graham illustrating the same machine at dockside, almost certainly at
                                            Miami.    The first S-40 was  NC80V 'American Clipper', delivered in January 1931 and flown
                                            on its inaugural two-day flight from Miami to Cartagena, Columbia by Charles Lindbergh.

                                         Sikorsky S-40  NC81V                                                      (c/n  2001)