Pan American Airways Lockheed 10E Electra  NC30077               (c/n  1133)


                                      Pan American ordered some fourteen Lockheed Electras in 1933, most of which were
                                      consigned to CMA in Mexico.    Cubana in Cuba had three and two, NC30077 and
                                      NC30078 went to Pacific Alaska Airways.   This rare shot, from the Mike Sparkman
                                      collection shows a L-10E in 'pure' Pan American Airways System livery.     It would
                                      appear to have been taken at Burbank before being relegated to the Alaska Division.
                                      Both Pacific Alaska machines moved on to SACO in Columbia in 1939 becoming C-10
                                      and C-11 (later C-110 and C-111) respectively.       C/n 1133 later went to TACA in
                                      Nicaragua (as AN-ABW) and then to Honduras as XH-TAB.  It was written off in
                                      October 1946.