Pan American Airways  Sikorsky S-42   NR823M         (c/n  4201)


                                              In 1932 Pan American issued specifications for a long range flying boat with which to span
                                              the Pacific Ocean and open up routes to the Far East.    Both  the Glenn L. Martin Company
                                              and Sikorsky responded, the latter's design being the S-42.  For the first time the airline's
                                              publicists could rightfully declare these machines as "luxury" airliners.   Originally operated
                                              on the Miami to Bermuda and east coast of South American routes, these aircraft were also
                                              instrumental in developing the trans-Pacific service.  In fact, the reason that the above machine
                                              is carrying an NR (restricted) registration is that it had, by that time, been modified for the long
                                              over water legs which ultimately rersulted (in 1935) of a San Francisco - Honolulu - Midway -
                                              Guam - Manila - Hong Kong - Shanghai route being flown.    Seen below is the updated
                                              model S-42-A NC15376 (c/n  4206) which had slightly increased length and span.  Ten
                                              S-42/A/B machines were built. all of them Pan American Clippers.  .