Pan American Airways  Boeing 737-222   N69AF   (c/n  19059)


In 1982 Pan American purchased a modest fleet of 16 or so Boeing 737's, mainly from Pacific
                                                   Western, Quebecair and the ex-Air Florida fleet.  The above shot, taken by Anthony Best in the
                                                   mid-1980s shows one of the latter on short finals into London Heathrow.  The 737s were acquired
                                                   primarily to service the London to Berlin route and, as such, had Teutonic Clipper names.  N69AF
                                                   was "Clipper Charlottenburg".     This aircraft actually began life with United Airlines as N9021U
                                                   before going to Air Florida.  After Pan Am disposed of it in 1988 it led a varied life on the registers
                                                   of Guatemala, Peru and Chile, finally winding up in storage in Santiago having served with Aero
                                                   Continente of Chile.  Whether it is still there or not is unknown.