Pan American Airways   Boeing 314   NC18604       (c/n  1991)

                                            In 1935 Pan American issued a specification for a flying boat, larger than the Martin M-130, and
                                            capable of providing regular service across the North Atlantic Ocean, notable, in the winter, for its
                                            fierce headwinds on the east-west crossing.  Boeing responded with the model 314 and six of them
                                            were ordered.   Two machines were placed in service on the Pacific route whilst the other four
                                            opened up transatlantic service.  This lovely shot came from Pan American in the late 1940s.  The
                                            Boeings operated out of the Marine Terminal at La Guardia airport just prior to the outbreak of
                                            WW II, the first scheduled air mail flight being made to Southampton on 26 March 1939.   Six
                                            more model 314As were delivered in 1940 and these aircraft were used extensively in providing
                                            a vital air link between the USA and Great Britain (via Africa) in the early dark days of  the war.
                                            Three were seconded to BOAC as G-AGBZ, G-AGCA/B.  The historic shot below shows
                                            NC18604 "Atlantic Clipper" at anchor at the Santos Dumont Airport ramp in Rio de Janeiro
                                            during one of the war time runs.   Note Panair do Brasil Lockheed Lodestar in right background.
                                            Finally at the foot of the page is a color shot from the Derek Hughey collection of NC18602 just
                                            clearing the Golden Gate Bridge inbound from a Pacific flight in the early 1940s.  This aircraft later
                                            bore the name "California Clipper".


                                             NC18602  Boeing 314                 (c/n  1989)