Pan American Airways  Boeing 727-214 Adv  N375PA    (c/n  20875)


                                    The Dash 200 Adv(anced) 727 had a strengthened airframe, new thrust reversers, automatic braking
                                    and spoilers, and noise reducing nacelles which differed it from the regular -200.   This aircraft was
                                    some 20 ft longer than the original unstretched model as can be clearly seen in this nice shot taken by
                                    Juerg Haeberli at Geneva's Cointrin Airport in 1985, just after Pan Am had acquired N375AA from
                                    Pacific Southwest Airlines.  By that time the aircraft had already been in service for 10 years.  Note
                                    that the fuselage cheatline had disappeared and a large "Pan Am' identified the airline, although the globe
                                    logo was retained.  The 727 was used world-wide by Pan American and in Europe it flew the feeder
                                    services linking up with transatlantic services at London, Paris and Frankfort.