Pacific Northern Airlines  Noordyn UC-64A Norseman       NC61323   (c/n 641)


                                          This Norseman was used by PNA's forerunner, Woodley Airways, immediately after WWII,  It
                                          was the former UC-64A 44-70375.     In the above photo, via the RJ Wilmoth collection, I am
                                          not able to discern whether the fuselage logo is that of PNA or, in fact Woodley.   Art Woodley
                                          was more or less forced to change the name of his Woodley Airways to something more cosmo-
                                          politan if he was ever to be awarded a route to Seattle and hence in 1946 the airline name was
                                          changed to PNA.   Following this expansion, smaller types such as this Norseman were sold off.