Pacific Northern Airlines  Douglas DC-3D       NC37465             (c/n  42955)


                                        In 1946 Woodley Airways received (at least two) purpose built DC-3Ds from the Douglas plan
                                        at Santa Monica.  The airline name change occured shortly afterward.  The first three shots show
                                        the first one delivered, whilst the photo at the bottom of the page illustrates the second.  NC (later N)
                                        37465 was sold later to Air Afrique as TU-TIA and was  last reported derelict at Abidjan.   N37469
                                        was leased to Mackey Airlines from 1955-60 ans then followed its sister to Air Afdrique as TU-TIB.  


                                           Douglas DC-3D       NC37469             (c/n  42955)