Pacific Northern Airlines  Douglas DC-3-357       NC28340            (c/n  3277)


                                           Pacific Northern Airlines was the successor to Woodley Airways, formed at Anchorage in 1932
                                           by Arthuir Woodley.  The line grew and was renamed Pacific Northern in 1946 and in 1950 the
                                           CAB awarded Mr.Woodley the prestigious Anchorage to Seattle trunk route.  The grainy shot
                                           above of a PNA DC-3 actually came from a boading-pass holder, circa 1950.      The photo is
                                           somewhat of a mystery in so far as no DC-3 listing I possess ever puts NC28340 in the service
                                           of Pacific Northern!   The image does not look doctored, however, and I wonder why they would
                                           go to the trouble of airbrushing an image with their livery and superimposing it above this typical
                                           terrain when they had DC-3s of their own (see image below of N37465)?    NC28340, in fact,
                                           was the aircraft always Delta Air Lines publicity shots (and thereby hangs a tail).     Delta
                                           eventually sold it to Mohawk who re-registered it N409D.