Pacific Alaska Airways   Consolidated 17-AF Fleetster    N705Y     (c/n   3)


                                        From the two small airlines from which it was formed, Pacific Alaska Airways inherited a number of
                                        Star Route Contracts.  These were the Post Office's Alaska equivalent of the lower 48 states' Contract
                                        Air Mail routes.    The first air mail services were commenced on 3 Sept 1933 using a fleet of newly
                                        purchased Consolidated Fleetsters.    All three are shown on the images above and below (from the
                                        archives of the Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry) although on the lower reproduction
                                        the registrations NC703Y and 704Y are scarcely discernible.  The aircraft were operated in ski,
                                        float and wheel configurations depending on the need.

                                        Consolidated Fleetster  NC703Y/NC704Y                    (c/ns    1 & 2)