Pacific Air Lines Douglas DC-3  N63104          (c/n   20214)


                                     On 6 March 1958 Southwest Airways changed its name to Pacific Air Lines.  The above photo-
                                     graph taken at LAX in 1959 was the image I had selected as the frontispiece for the book I had
                                     assembled (since it was all photographs, I can't really say "wrote") entitled "Airlines and Airliners
                                     of Yesteryear".  In the event, I could find no publisher willing to take it on and hence the raison
                                     d'être for this website which is dedicated to providing a pictorial history of all U.S. Airlines since
                                     their inception to their demise, merger or current day, whichever came first.   This DC-3 is, in fact,
                                     the same one as that depicted for Southwest Airways.   It was built as a fairly late model
                                     C-47A-90-DL for the USAAF with serial number 43-15748.  Upon leaving Pacific service it was
                                     re-registered N486F and was last sighted in 1990 at Malaga Airport in Spain, in derelict condition.