Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)   Douglas DC-4  N88747   (c/n  3116)


                                            By the mid 1950s, PSA's cheap fares had attracted load factors greater than the DC-3s could
                                            handle and four DC-4s were acquired from Capital Airlines.  William T. Larkins caught this one
                                            on a rain swept Oakland ramp in the late 1950s.  PSA was one of the DC-4 operators who took
                                            to painting square surrounds framing the portholes of their aircraft to give the impression, to the
                                            uninitiated, that the machine in which they were about to embark was a  DC-6!    Several airlines
                                            succumbed to this ploy.   Anyway, this ex C-54-DO was sold off in 1960 and went to Starways
                                            in the U.K. as G-ARIY.   Its ultimate fate was as a fire fighting training hulk at Liverpool's Speke
                                            Airport in the mid 1960s.