PEOPLExpress   Boeing 737-130    N415PE    (c/n  19032)


                                        PEOPLExpress was an airline born of deregulation.  It was formed by Donald Burr after he left
                                        corporate raider Frank Lorenzo and his Texas Air in 1980.    The start up equipment consisted
                                        of 17 ex Lufthansa Boeing 737-100s.  N415PE, above, seen in this shot by Bob Garrard at
                                        Washington, D.C.'s Dulles Airport in May of 1987 was ex D-ABEV.    The airline offered rock
                                        bottom fares in exchange for no-frills.  Meals were not served, a fee was charged for check baggage,
                                        and ticketing was performed on board.   The first flight was on 30 April 1980 to Buffalo.  Columbus
                                        and Norfolk, Va were also served.