Pennsylvania-Central Airlines Douglas DC-3-313   NC21785    (c/n  2173)


                                          Since, for some inexplicable reason, photos of Pennsylvania Central Airlines aircraft are comparatively
                                          rare, I'll afford it two pages for their DC-3s.   The above image is from the Leo J. Kohn collection, and
                                          shows the aircraft at General Mitchell Field in Milwaukee.  It carried the name "Capital Liner Norfolk".
                                          It was retitled Capital Airlines in 1948 and then went on to become an executive transport with U.S.
                                          Steel.  When sold to H.J. Heinz (of 57 varieties ketchup fame) in 1963 it was reregistered N257H .
                                          Other US owners followed with re-registration to N25711 and then N517DW before passing to Trans
                                          Aereos San Miguel (TASMI) in Bolivia as CP-1059.  It was written off in a crash at San Ignacio Beni
                                          in that country in December 1987.