Pennsylvania-Central Airlines  Boeing 247D      NC13359       (c/n  1741)


                                  On 1 November 1936, Pennsylvania Airlines and Central Airlines, fierce competitors on the
                                  Washington - Detroit route, agreed to a merger.   Most of the original equipment of the two
                                  airlines was retained for a while.   However, in 1936, PAL had received at least three Boeing
                                  247Ds and in 1937 the newly formed Pennsylvania -Central obtained a further 15 ex-United Air
                                  Lines machines, making this airliner the staple of their fleet.  For some reason images of the 247D
                                  in either PAL or PCA markings are very difficult to come by.   The one above, gleaned from a
                                  Boeing trade journal appears to show one of PCA's machines in reverse livery.  I  believe that most
                                  of them were dressed in all metal finish with red "PCA".   This one seems to be all red with white,
                                  although I would appreciate confirmation of this.  NC13359 was an ex-Western Air Express aircraft
                                  which had been on lease from United.   It crashed at Charleston, West Virginia following engine
                                  failure after take off on 16 April 1941.