Ozark Air Lines    Martin 4-0-4      N467M         (c/n   14164)


                                            In 1965, in a rather unusual trade, Ozark swapped six Convair 240s with Mohawk Airlines for 15
                                            Martin 4-0-4s.  Clearly it could not have been an even swap, but details of whatever cash was also
                                            transferred appear to be lost in antiquity.   The Martins were used in a sort of interim role and were
                                            fairly quickly replaced a couple of years later when the FH-227s came on board.   The above shot
                                            is a hackneyed, oft published image.  The unique shot below, however, is from the John F. Ciesla
                                            collection and illustrates a Martin at Chicago's O'Hare in June of 1967, just a month before it was
                                            phased out.  In those days we were urged to "go" Ozark.

                                           Martin 4-0-4   N471M    (c/n   14112)