Ozark Air Lines  Fairchild F-27   N4300F   (c/n  58)


                                           Ozark, like many Local Service airlines elected to replace (well, augment, really) its fleet of DC-3s
                                           with the prop-jet Fairchild F-27.  The first, seen in the images above and below, show the machine
                                           in (top) its original paint scheme and (below) that adopted in the 1960s.  Initially Ozark only ordered
                                           three, but acquired four more from various sources over the next four years.   Since they operated
                                           some 22 or so DC-3s at the time, the impact of the F-27 could scarcely be called a "replacement".
                                           They were used on their "prime" routes from Chicago to St. Louis and Joplin and St. Louis to Minn-
                                           eapolis.  The introduction of the F-27s also saw the use of the "three Swallows" logo for the first time.
                                           As seen on the previous page, the DC-3s were also repainted in this first F-27 theme.  The "Three
                                           Swallows" logo, in varying forms, was to last until the demise of the airline.