Ozark Air Lines   Fairchild Hiller  FH-227B   N4216      (c/n  514)


                                        Twenty-one new FH-227s were ordered in 1966 as replacements for the aged piston engined
                                        airliners.   These would be used on non main line routes whilst the newly ordered DC-9s would
                                        handle the longer stages.   The nice in flight shot above is courtesy of the Fairchild Hiller Corp.
                                        N4216 was sold in 1975 to McKenzie Air in Canada, becoming C-GMAL    Seen below is a
                                        somewhat grotty image of N4221 taken at Moline, Ill in April 1977 by a then ten-year-old
                                        Gary C. Orlando.  Put it like this....Gary's photographic efforts at that at that age were certainly
                                        better than my own!  Anyway, the shot is interesting in that it shows that, when in latter day ser-
                                        vice, the airline titling was somewhat larger than that displayed when the aircraft left the factory,
                                        the white topping was extended below the cheat line and the freight doors were outlined.

                                       Fairchild FH-227B    N4221                  (c/n  527)