Ozark Air Lines  Douglas DC-3-216      N141D                  (c/n  1945)


                                     A new livery was devised in the early 1960s and the "Route of the Swallows" emblem (three
                                     stylized swallows) started appearing on the rudders of the DC-3s. Interestingly, N141D (visible
                                     on the original print) did not have its rego displayed under the port wing.   By 1960 the airline
                                     was serving some 52 cities in ten states.   N141D is an interesting aircraft.  It was a Fokker-
                                     built DC-3 (or at least, Fokker assembled) manufactured in 1937 and delivered to Swissair
                                     as HB-IRA.   In May of 1955 it was ferried to the USA by Fleetwings Inc with the registration
                                     N2815D.  Ozark registered it as N141D on 25th of that month.    It was traded in to Fairchild
                                     Hiller in 1966 in part payment on a FH-227.