Ozark Air Lines     DHC-6 Twin Otter    N970JM                   (c/n  74)


                                   In 1972 Ozark leased three ex Italian Twin Otters.  (N970JM was previously I-ANTE) The above
                                   image is courtesy of the R. Dean Denton collection..  The Twin Otters were used on a short-lived
                                   service operating between Springfield, Illinois and the downtown (Meigs Field) Chicago airport.
                                   Traffic volumes were never sufficient to make this commuter idea profitable, however, and it ceased
                                   in 1974.   Interestingly, N970JM went to Publi-Air in Belgium who leased it to Sabena as OO-JFP
                                   when that European carrier also decided to dabble in Commuter style operations.