Ozark Air LInes Convair 240-0   N94264                  (c/n  137)


                                      I am indebted to Mike Sparkman for the rare image above of an Ozark CVAC 240.  In 1962
                                      Ozark acquired seven Convair 240s (three from Lufthansa, two leased from American, plus two
                                      others).  N94254 was one of the leased AAL machines, and was only with the airline for a year
                                      in the 1962-63 period.   In 1965, in a rather unusual trade, six of the other 240s were part-swapped
                                      with Mohawk Airlines for 15 Martin 4-0-4s.  I have not been able to unearth the exact deal which
                                      went down at the time, but photos of Ozark Martins are much more common than those of the pre-
                                      ceding Convairs. .