Northwest Airways   Stinson SB-1 Detroiter  C872    (c/n  1)


                                            Northwest Airways began passenger operations in 1927 after receiving delivery of three Stinson
                                            SB-1 Detroiters, the first of which is seen above. The initial route was from Minneapolis to Chicago
                                            with intermediate stops at La Crosse, Madison and Milwaukee.  The Detroiter came in two versions,
                                            both monoplane and biplane,  the latter having accommodation for three  passengers.  They were built
                                            in Detroit, the first three going to Northwest wherein their c/n's also reflected their fleet numbers.                                 
                                            "Don't worry mate, it'll be all right!"  the pilot appears to be saying to this rather apprehensive looking
                                            passenger as he prepares to board biplane Detroiter # 2 from this old newspaper clipping.
                                            Stinson SB-1 Detroiter   C873                  (c/n 2)