Northwest Airlines  Martin 2-0-2  N93047     (c/n   9133)


                                        Another Glenn L. Martin factory photograph.  By this time the Martin 2-0-2 had received a
                                        complete rework, as can be seen by comparing this image with the one in the previous entry. 
                                        Northwest went on to own 25 of them at one time or another, although, in addition to the
                                        1948 crash, four more were to be lost in accidents over the next couple of years.  Because of
                                        this the aircraft did not endear itself to the American traveling public.  In fairness, once the bugs                       
                                        were ironed out, it wasn't a bad aircraft (albeit noisy to fly in) and several of them went on to
                                        lead useful lives after their days with Northwest were done.  This particular aircraft went to
                                        California Central Airlines in 1951.   The photograph below, from Northwest Airlines, shows
                                        a Martin 2-0-2 over the Jefferson Memorial, having just left Washington National Airport.   A
                                        venue normally reserved, by the way, for photographs of Capital Airlines aircraft.

                                    Martin 2-0-2   N93051     (c/n  9136)