Northwest Airlines Lockheed 14H Super Electra  NC17386            (c/n  1405)

                                       Northwest elected to go with the somewhat faster Lockheed 14 rather than the DC-2.  In fact, they
                                       did not become a DC-3 operator until 1939.  The Lockheed 14 is normally referred to as the Super
.  However, Northwest dubbed them 'Sky Zephyr'.  Their fleet of 12 were used on the longer
                                       stage lengths, relieving the Lockheed 10-As for the shorter haul sectors.  The unusual dark colored set
                                       of wings underlying the orangy-red "Northwest" titling made this a difficult aircraft to photograph at the
                                       best of times.  Gordon Williams' shot above (via Bill Larkins) taken at Seattle Airport circa 1939 is
                                       one of the best I have seen.  The Northwest Airlines supplied photograph immediately below is even
                                       less contrasty as far as the titling is concerned.  Below that is a photo of the Lockheed 14 prototype in
                                       Northwest markings which shows the treatment in a little more contrast.  For whatever it's worth I will
                                       append below a shot of the nose of one of these Hudson-bomber predecessors, complete with "Sky
" titling.   In 2007 I visited London and, as is my wont, I paid a visit to the Portobello Road
                                       street market.  There I acquired a set of W.D. & H.O.Wills cigarette cards in the "Speed" series issued
                                       in 1938.  The image on the foot of the page displays what appears to be the prototype, and, poor that
                                       this enlargement is, it does serve to provide a color representation of NWA's Super Electras of that
                                       time.   Incidentally, for any viewers interested in obtaining cigarette cards, visit the outside stand of
                                       "Allision" about half way down the row of outside stands in the Portobello Road (the street market is
                                       only open on Saturdays).  Allison has an amazing selection of genuine pre war cards in virtually every
                                       category.   Tell her Ed Coates sent you,,, ........she'll give you a deal.

                                              Lockheed 14H Super Electra  NC17383               (c/n  1402)


                                           (N) X17382  Lockheed 14H Prototype       (c/n  1401)